The Burrow, West End, Brisbane

If you’re looking for pizzas with fresh, original and delicious ingredients, look no further than The Burrow, West End.

Located on Mollison Street, this charming establishment offers share platters and gourmet pizzas, including the old favourites (pepperoni and mozzarella) and the unique (swordfish, cherry tomatoes and watermelon).

We started with the spicy curly fries and chicken wings with blue cheese dressing to share, and we could not fault either dish.  The wings were tangy, the blue cheese dressing was rich in flavour without being overpowering, and the chips had the perfect crunch.

For our pizza choice, we went with the Big Voodoo Daddy (pulled pork, Cajun sausage, bourbon barbeque glaze and fresh coleslaw).  The pizza was delicious and easily fed both of us, but the coleslaw on top felt a bit disconnected from the rest of the dish.  There was a pile of it just kind of chucked on top, and although it didn’t taste bad by any means, I found myself wishing it wasn’t there or that it had been incorporated in a better way.  This is a very small criticism on an otherwise perfect meal.

The drinks were also exceptional.  We were very impressed with the selection of craft beers on offer, and the apple cider was served in a delightful jar with a big slice of green apple wedged in amongst the ice.

The staff are all very friendly and welcoming, and are so attentive in fact, that when we first arrived, it felt like they were rushing us.

The price point and value for money is something I would question.  With the average pizza costing $20.50 each, it doesn’t leave much room in the budget for choosing multiple pizzas to get some variety, not to mention the delicious sides and drinks.  As there were only two of us on this occasion, it may work out to be more economical in a large group.

The place itself has a beautiful ambience about it.  The décor is charming and the dim lighting gives it a very cosy and intimate feel.  I also particularly enjoyed the fact that they appeared to be playing Flumes self-titled first album in its entirety.

My dining experience at The Burrow overall was a positive one, and I have been raving about it to anyone who has asked what I got up to last Thursday night.  I think I may have even convinced my colleague to take his girlfriend there next week!

Contact: (07) 3846 0030

36 Mollison St, West End. QLD


Review by Emily Webster

Emily Webster lives in Ashgrove and enjoys Audrey Hepburn movies, online shopping and reading art, design and lifestyle blogs. Her favourite meal is brunch and she is a self-proclaimed French toast expert.

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