Meet Yankurius

When Yankurius inherited farmland from his ageing parents, he was faced with a difficult situation. With no means of maintaining and cultivating the land, he also had no means of supporting his family.

Calling Indonesia home, Yankurius has come a long way in the last few years since he took out his first small loan of Rp.1,000,000 (AU$111.10).

Before taking out a loan, Yankurius was struggling to maintain the land he had inherited from his ageing parents, yet had to find a way to support his wife and one-month-old son.

For many farmers, harvest season is the only time of the year when they are able to produce any income. This means that for the other 6-9 months, they are left struggling to provide for their families on the little income made during the harvest, and are often unable to buy enough fertiliser for their crop.

A small loan changed this for Yankurius. He used his loan to purchase fertiliser and vegetable seedlings to make his farm flourish, and is now confident he will be able to better provide for his family.

For Yankurius, the most important part of his life is spending time with his family. “When I finish work each afternoon, I hang out with my family to keep the closeness between us.”

Every morning at 6am, Yankurius begins his day by collecting water from one of the newly installed wells which have been implemented as part of one of Opportunity’s community development initiatives. Yankurius says, “I am very happy because people in my village can now get clean water because of the well project for our community.”

Since he no longer has to worry about providing for his family, the future now looks much brighter for Yankurius and his young family. And it’s the generous support of people like you that have made this extraordinary story possible.


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