Meet Jag Roshani

Before receiving a small loan, Jag Roshani and her husband Preedam feared for the future of their four children. The couple wanted to give their children an education, something they were never able to have.

With a small loan of Rs.7,000 (A$123), Jag Roshani and Preedam purchased several sewing machines to start a business making school bags. Selling each bag for Rs.150 (A$2.65), they made a 50% profit.

After paying back their first loan, the couple received a second loan of Rs.10, 000 (A$176). They used this loan to buy more materials and further expand their business. Soon, they had to hire employees from their local community to keep up with the demand. Jag Roshani says, “Before, we used to work for somebody else. Now we have four workers helping us and we are very happy.”

Vijay and his family are also leading better lives thanks to Jag Roshani’s business. In search for a way to earn a living, Vijay moved to the city of Delhi from his remote rural community and he soon began working for Jag Roshani. Now he is able to support his wife and his three-year-old twin daughters.

Through the increased income and security that comes from their business, Jag Roshani and Preedam no longer fear for what life holds for their children. She says, “I wanted to use my savings for my children’s education. I want my children to have a better life.” Their eldest daughter is a school teacher, their middle daughter runs her own embroidery business and their youngest daughter is studying a Bachelor of Arts at college. Their son has just graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce.

The future has changed dramatically for Jag Roshani’s family and the families of her employees. And it’s the generous support of people like you that have made this extraordinary story possible.

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