Is your decor turning customers away?

When running a restaurant, you want to attract as many potential customers as possible. The atmosphere of a restaurant can determine how impressionable your store is, with the restaurants decor, entrance, colour scheme, lighting, service and of course the food all playing a role.

Here are some top tips to help you create an atmosphere that will get the best out of your restaurant.


Remember, good or bad – first impressions always last. If a customer walks into your restaurant and the interior design is eye-catching and welcoming, this will influence their decision to come back or even spread the word to friends.


The colours of your restaurant should be based around the preferences of your target market. For example, young people tend to prefer bright colours, whereas subtle tones may suit an older or more mature market.


Natural lighting is always a great option for daytime, however overhead lighting and unique lamps are always the best choices for evenings. The brightness of the room and the placements of the lights can have an influence on the mood of your restaurant.


It is important that the smell of your restaurant reflect on the quality of the food available. A subtle aroma is always the best way to go – avoid any smells that may potentially put your customer off.

Table Settings

The table setting should suit the style of your restaurant in order to please your target market. For example, a fast food restaurant would typically be designed for quick eating with simple tables and chairs; however a high end restaurant would display their tables with tablecloths, napkins and silver wear to showcase their superiority.

By tailoring your restaurant’s atmosphere to suit your customers, you can create a place that people want to come back to; not only because of the food but for the environment.

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