How to find the people you need to grow

The key to a successful franchise is more than just the perfect recipe. It’s about the right people behind your brand.  Time after time, franchisors tell us of their challenge in finding people with adequate funding who are the right fit for their brand. The most successful franchisees are typically those with the right attitude, life circumstances and profit goals. They may not always have enough funding to responsibly and comfortably enter the franchise system of their choice.

Silver Chef started in the Franchise industry 28 years ago renting equipment for pizza franchises. The story began when conveyor ovens were revolutionising the home delivery market, yet the outlay of securing such expensive equipment was unattainable for most. In 2014 home pizza delivery may have evolved, but in the way of funding, little has changed.

What if there was a way you could find the right franchisees, and worry far less about them having access to funding? Silver Chef currently has over 80 accredited franchises! Why not add your Franchise to the growing list of franchise systems accredited with Silver Chef? Unlike the banks, the model doesn’t make you or your franchisees jump through endless hoops. The funding model is flexible so franchisees can easily add or change equipment that they have outgrown. Thinking of rolling out new menu items now or in the future? Your franchisees can simply add the new equipment required with minimal fuss and outlay.

Simply put, franchising in Australia is big business! According to the Franchise Council of Australia, there are around 73,000 franchise businesses in Australia that currently employ around 400,000 people. With the industry expecting further growth this decade, is your franchise taking advantage of a finance solution that attracts great franchisees? We’ve found the best players in franchise aren’t always the most cashed up. Ask us about accrediting your franchise system and open up a new world of opportunity for business growth.

Challenge: Finding the right franchisees.

Solution: Ensuring the right people aren’t cut out of the pool due to a lack of funds. Silver Chef can fill the ‘gap’ between bank funding, cash savings and the cost of entry. A focus on generating the profit as soon as possible, and leaving the worry of opening the doors to the experts.


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