How to create a menu

The food menu design that a restaurateur decides to use is a form of expression. There are ways you can draw more patrons and boost the sales of your eatery by using an attractive food menu design. An effective menu can market and create a brand for your dishes and for your entire restaurant. Creating such a menu is not magic. It’s a process. But once you WORK that process, it CAN work like magic. 

Here’s the Menu Creation Cycle Broken Down into 3 Simple Parts:

1. Draft a copy of the basic menu design

Graphics, categories and section titles are all you’ll need for this initial draft. Select a colour scheme that goes with the theme of the restaurant. For example, dark colours will suggest a mood of seriousness and professionalism for a fancy restaurant, while warm subdued colours will look suitably attractive at an informal bistro. Order your menu logically and visually break it into sections.

2. Name and describe your dishes

The ambience you hope to achieve, the history of your business, your restaurant’s concept and the type of food being offered should all be covered in a brief introduction to your menu. You should use distinctive and beguiling titles for your dishes for the function of branding. Rather than naming a dish “Vegetable Lasagne,” for instance, you can call it “Three Cheese Lasagne with Plantains and Fresh Spinach.” In order for patrons to know what to look forward to, each dish should be candidly described.

3. Decide on a Cover

Generic menu holders where you can insert your own printed cover are great for branding purposes. The feel of the cover is important, and it should go well with your concept. Its design should match your restaurant’s creative platform. Remember, the menu cover is a mini-billboard advertising your business. The finished product should be big enough to look prominent and be easy to read, but small enough to be easily held and moved around.

Your menu should fit your restaurant’s general character. Use the ideas above to ensure profitability, but don’t give up your restaurant’s concept or you could confuse your patrons. Keep these views in mind and let them work for you!

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