Craig’s Cheese Shop, Bondi Junction

The owners of Craig’s Cheese Shop in Bondi Junction have an enviable problem – they are too busy! As well as selling a magnificent range of cheeses, Craig’s Cheese Shop also provides delicious freshly-made meals and snacks, either from his store or as a catering service.

“Some of our regular customers drop in four times a day,” Craig says. “They’ll pick up a coffee or some breakfast on the way to work, then pick up a snack for morning tea. They’re back for lunch and they might even pick up one of our ready-made meals for dinner.”

The coffee is the Vittoria premium restaurant blend, Cinque Stelle, served with a smile by Craig’s business partner, Adrian Dauney. The breakfast menu includes croissants with shoulder ham and provolone, freshly made omelettes or French toast.

For a snack, you could nibble on Craig’s unique parmesan biscuits or Mersey Valley cheddar biscuits. Alternately, you could choose something richer, such as the apple, raspberry and vanilla mascarpone muffin or the caramel slice.

If you are looking for something substantial for lunch, Craig has concocted a wide range of fresh and delicious pies, risottos and quiches for you to choose from.

“We sell a huge amount of pies,” says Craig. “I try new flavours all the time, and if the customers like them, they stay on the menu.”

Many customers are drawn to the formidable selection of cheeses. Craig stocks cheeses from all over the world, particularly Australia, so customers can sample and compare cheddars from Virginia and Tasmania, or brie from France and NSW. As cheese is seasonal, the available range changes regularly throughout the year.

Craig also offers ready made take-home dinners, such as the current favourite, Syrian lemon chicken with rice pilaf and yoghurt, and he caters for local functions. “One of our strengths is that we are part of a strong local community here,” Craig says. “Bondi Junction has a great sense of community, and this has been great for our business. We really feel we are part of the local scene.”

Craig and Adrian have been able to keep up with the consistent high demand, thanks to their financial arrangement with Silver Chef, the hospitality equipment funding group.

“Our initial set up budget was limited, and Silver Chef was handy, helping us to get equipment,” Craig says. “As our demand grew, we have upgraded our equipment, and gone larger. Silver Chef were also helpful a few times, when the equipment we ordered didn’t fit!”

Now Craig and Adrian have decided to make more room in the front of the shop for customers, they need to reorganize their kitchen space, which means upgrading again.

Craig is also planning to open another Craig’s Cheese Shop at a new location, some time in the future.  “We want a similar community style area as we have here,” Craig says.  “We like being part of the social scene.”

Contact: (02) 9387 3323
Craig’s Cheese Shop
59 Birrell St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

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  1. I’m sorry, but there was no one smiling at me when I went to buy their overpriced albeit lovely coffee. The most unfriendliest coffee shop in Sydney. Only interested in serving their friends walking in. Good coffee but appalling way to treat new customers.

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